The fantastic new Google Maps feature we’ve been waiting for is finally here

By Zach Epstein

Earlier this week, we told you about a fantastic new feature coming to the Google Maps Mobile app that could potentially change the way you explore the areas around you. Well, Google on Wednesday afternoon announced that its terrific new Explore feature has now rolled out to its iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Here’s why you won’t be able to buy a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in September

By Chris Smith

Many iPhone 6 reports have claimed the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model is delayed, as Apple has been experiencing various production issues related to battery size, new display with in-cell touch sensors, or the sapphire front panel. But according to a new report, it appears that’s not why Apple may want to delay the phablet. Digitimes has learned from sources familiar with the matter that yield rates have not been an issue for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, and the company instead has a completely different reason to hold the handset back.

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How to Master Your DLSR in One Afternoon a Beginner’s Guide

By Dave Seeram


As the Editor-in-Chief of CLARITY, I believe that photography is one of the most unique forms of visual art. As a photographer, you must possess an ability to express yourself visually and also be technically proficient with the tools of your craft.

Thankfully, the technology is relatively simple to understand. Given a small amount of time, anyone can master the mechanics of their DSLR very quickly. I’m referring to the technical side of photography, or more specifically, how to use your camera.

I’m sure you’ll agree, digital SLR cameras are pretty appealing contraptions. They constantly evolve with new bells and whistles, and shiny attractive buttons and dials, but at their very essence, a camera is quite simply a box that captures and records light through a small opening. Light enters the camera and hits a sensor for a certain period of time, and that’s it. Too much light and the photo will be over-exposed (too bright). Not enough light and the photo will be under-exposed (too dark). By the end of this article, if feel stuck in Automatic Mode you will be able to break free and let your true creativity reign!

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Super Smash Flash 2 brings 16-bit Smash Bros. straight to your browser

By Hayden Dingman

Every console generation, it’s the same thing. 1) Nintendo releases a console. 2) Nintendo’s console isn’t doing too well. 3) Nintendo releases a new version of Smash Bros. 4) Nintendo’s console sells a lot of units.

Yes, it’s a hostage situation that dates back nearly a decade-and-a-half now. You’ve got to get your Smash Bros fix, and the only place you can get that is on Nintendo hardware.

Or is it?

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could play Smash Bros from the comfort of your PC—perhaps while sitting at work? [Note: We in no way encourage you to slack off while you're working. We would never.]

Meet Super Smash Flash 2. Super Smash Flash 2 is a fan-made (read: entirely unofficial) Flash-native entry in Nintendo’s popular fighting series. An update rolling out today will add support for multiplayer which, let’s be honest, is what people really want to play anyway.

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Europeans call for a single EU copyright to get more access to online services

By Loek Essers

Many European consumers are frustrated by frequently being denied access to online services outside of their home countries and are calling on the European Commission to implement a ‘common copyright’ in Europe. This pits them against publishers and broadcasters, who want enforcement of existing rules instead, a public consultation on EU digital copyright reform showed.

The difficulty consumers have when trying to access online services in other countries was one of the main problems highlighted in the public consultation. The goal of the consultation was to gather input from all interested parties on the Commission’s review of the EU copyright rules.

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